Get Insurance-Covered Motif Gradient Compression Socks

Motif Compression Socks

Motif Gradient Compression Socks are perfect for moms who are three to nine months pregnant and looking for relief from swelling and discomfort of the feet and ankles. Designed to expand over the course of your pregnancy, they support your cardiovascular system by aiding circulation and working to prevent varicose veins. Stay more comfortable—and stylish—on your feet with Motif Gradient Compression Socks. For more information, visit the Motif website.

*If you did not order your breast pump through Ashland Breast Pumps or your insurance or doctor information has changed since your last order, we will verify your insurance and request a prescription from your doctor.


  • Promotes bloodflow through controlled pressure
  • Helps prevent swelling, discomfort and varicose veins
  • Ultra-stretchy fabric for easy application
  • Soft, non-restrictive comfort band

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