Order Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments

Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments

New moms feel better faster using Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments. These medical garments deliver gentle compression to reduce swelling (edema) and stabilize the abdomen. Featuring a convenient side zipper, Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments fit easily and neatly under clothing to aid the healing process. For more information on Motif Postpartum Recovery Support Garments for C-Sections and Natural Birth, visit the Motif website.

* Please consult your healthcare provider before wearing the Motif Recovery Support Garment.

*If you did not order your breast pump through Ashland Breast Pumps or your insurance or doctor information has changed since your last order, we will verify your insurance and request a prescription from your doctor.


  • Reduces swelling, stabilizes the abdomen and relieves conditions like pelvic girdle pain
  • Aids wound healing after C-section birth and relieves pain
  • Tightens and tones belly, hips, waist, pelvis and lower back
  • Designed for easier bathroom breaks
  • Leg grippers prevent garment from riding up
  • Helps improve posture

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